Food And Coffee Combinations

Coffee is often the first thing people consume in the morning, and rightly so! The flavor, the aroma, and the overall experience just ultimately make your morning! Did you know? About 110–120 million bags of coffee are produced in the world every year. The most flavourful coffee in India usually comes from the hills of Baba Budangiri in Chikkamagaluru, like our Home Coming blend of specialty coffee.

Our team loves to savor the various flavors provided by some fantastic food combinations with our Instant filter coffee decoction. If you too love to pair different kinds of food with your coffee, then this blog is the one to read! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best food and coffee combinations you should try right away!

The Best Food and Coffee Combinations Our Team Recommends

Combination #1 – Coffee With Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate with coffee is a classical combination enjoyed by almost everyone. The complex and slightly bitter flavor of dark chocolate combined with a cup of black or milk coffee does wonders for your palette and offers you a unique and flavourful experience.

Our Filter Fables blend of coffee and chicory from India is ideal for you if you enjoy your coffee with a dash of chocolaty flavor.

Combination #2 – Coffee And Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs, or anda bhurjee as it’s commonly known across India, is a flavourful dish that compliments coffee beautifully. You can choose to load your Scrambled eggs with vegetables or have it plain with some salt, pepper, and butter along with a cup of black coffee for the rustic taste.

Restaurant-style Filter Coffee and anda bhurjee pav is a classic combination that you must try this weekend.

Combination #3 – Coffee And Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Who doesn’t love a classical grilled cheese sandwich? Imagine this. It’s pouring outside; you make yourself a delectable grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of milk coffee made with beans from Eastern Africa & Baba Budangiri Hills and enjoy the downpour. Don’t you wish it would start raining so you could try this fantastic ready to drink coffee and food combination?

Combination #4 – Coffee With Berries

Berries with black coffee without sugar give you some amazing coffee flavor combinations that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Blueberries with coffee give you the tinge of sweetness and sour. In contrast, some sweet strawberries or raspberries with a cup of Down South blend of Indian Specialty Coffee gives you a unique sweet and tangy flavor that’s sure to touch your soul.

Combination #5 – Coffee With Crepes

A crepe is a flat round pancake-like pastry that tastes phenomenal with a cup of coffee. My personal favorite is a serving of chocolate crepe with a cup of filter coffee made from our filter fables blend of instant filter coffee powder. The combination of chocolate with coffee stimulates the taste buds and provides a mind-blowing flavor sensation. Crepes can also be made with savory ingredients like meats, cheeses, or vegetables.

Combination #6 – Coffee And Donut

Have you ever seen those American TV shows or movies and wondered why the authorities always have coffee and donuts in their hands? Well, clearly, it’s because they taste so delicious together. Donuts come in a wide variety of types, filled, hollow, sweet, savory. The list goes on!

A cup of latte or cappuccino made from the Home Coming blend of ready to drink coffee with a double glaze or jam filled donut is the perfect evening snack you deserve. Go order some right away!

Combination #7 –  Coffee And Bagels

Bagels have risen to popularity in recent times thanks to inclusion in various pop culture media like movies and TV shows. Bagels are similar to donuts but often savory and topped with cheese or meats. Vegan bagels also go well with a cup of coffee made from high-quality green coffee beans that can be easily found on Amazon. If you aren’t health conscious, then a sweet, frothy cup of milk coffee will make for an ideal companion to your bagel.

Combination #8 – Cake And Coffee

Cakes come in a wide variety, right from a basic sponge cake to a fancy angel cake, and all of them go well with coffee. Do you know why? Because coffee is just incredible that way! It embraces any flavor you pair with it and enhances the taste manifold.

Our team prefers to have a slice of carrot cake with a mellow latte or a portion of sweet chocolate cake with a cup of black coffee made from beans sourced from Africa. Do give it a try yourself. You’ll undoubtedly come back for more! After all, our coffee is irresistible.

Combination #9 – Dosa And Coffee

A classic south Indian combination, a crispy masala dosa laden with ghee or butter, and a cup of strong filter coffee are more than enough to make your morning! There are various places you can get your hands on a plate of steaming hot dosa with a cup of filter coffee. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best ones in our guide about filter coffee. If you don’t wish to go outside to savor this delicacy, you can make them at Home using our Ready to use instant filter coffee decoction.

Combination #10 –  Biscuits, Cookies, Puff Khari And Coffee

Ask any Indian what they want with their evening coffee, and the answer will be biscuits like Parle-G, cookies like Good Day, or puff khari from the local bakery. These light and buttery snacks go exceptionally well with frothy milk or filter coffee, thanks to their unique flavor profiles. There are various digestive biscuits that go well with Green Coffee on Amazon.

Bonus Coffee And Food Combination – Bun Maska And Coffee

Okay, this one, strictly speaking, isn’t a combination that’s perfect with coffee but instead is popularly consumed with Tea but hey coffee can blend with any flavor, which is why bun maska (Buttered sweet bread) makes its way onto this list of the best coffee and food combinations.

We hope you enjoy these combinations with our signature products made from high-quality coffee available on Amazon. Do give them a try this weekend and enjoy it with your cuppa joe! Let us know if we missed out on any of your favorite food and coffee combinations in the comments and which of these did you enjoy the most.