10 Hacks for Your Daily Coffee Game

Coffee – we can’t live without it, and we love everything about it: the rich aroma, the hot and creamy taste. Coffee is a thing of joy, and for those who love a good cup of coffee, it is a cherished pastime. And speaking of cherished, one of the best things about coffee is that it’s an experience—every cup of coffee you make is going to be a little different from the one before it. So it doesn’t matter if you’re brewing your own at home or getting a quick cup from the local diner; any way you take, it will almost always be delicious. 

coffee hacks

After all, there are so many methods to use for brewing, but only some are considered the best. And that’s the reason we are here to provide you with a comprehensive guide to coffee brewing methods.

Helpful hacks to brew the most incredible coffee

  1. Buy quality coffee beans: Quality material serves the best taste and value for money. If you go to a local coffee store, you cannot get the best due to limited options. But, with the internet, you can explore many available options. Also, good-quality coffee beans don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. You can get a great bargain on the coffee beans from the House of Coffee website at the most affordable prices. 
  2. Store them well: If you want to savor the taste of your well-brewed coffee, it is critical to keep it safely stored. The ideal way to keep coffee beans nice and sound is to keep them in an airtight container. Also, be sure to keep it in a dry, cool, and dark location. Keeping the container filled with coffee beans in the freezer is not suggested, so be sure to avoid that.
  3. Use clean water: There may be different methods to brew the best coffee, but the ingredients stay the same. The ingredients are coffee and water. So, if you are spending money to buy the best and quality coffee beans, be sure to use clean water. You can even try and test the results. The distilled water or filtered water always turns out to give the best and flavorful coffee other than the tap water. 
  4. Try different brewing methods: The best way to brew coffee is to have it tried and tested. It depends on you and how you like their coffee. So even if you have a way of brewing coffee, try different methods to get a different taste. If you want it, good for you, but if you don’t, keep looking or stick to the already perfect one. But while you are trying different coffee brewing methods, always learn what the best grind for the coffee is. It might take a little extra time to learn, but it will be totally worth it.
  5. Clean the equipment: There is nothing like keeping your coffee pot seasoned with the previous brewing. The residue will not do you any better, but it will further ruin your coffee. So it is better to brew your coffee in a well-cleaned coffee pot or equipment. In the same way, you cannot use the same coffee filter enough times. So when it needs to go, it needs to be thrown away in the bin. 
  6. DO NOT drink that old coffee: If the coffee has been sitting in the pot for a whole day, do not drink it no matter how much you need it. The daily caffeine fix is to die for, but don’t ruin it by drinking coffee sitting in the jar all day. Instead, make some effort and get the price of those efforts with freshly brewed coffee.
  7. Measure your coffee grounds: To brew a great cup of joe, the ratio matters a lot. As you get the hang of it, knowing the right balance if you are trying out another brewing method will be great. Every technique is different because of the way of brewing and the ratio of coffee and water. So do yourself a favor and know the exact amount of coffee grounds for the best cup of happiness. 
  8. Freeze the coffee: Who doesn’t like cold-brewed coffee, right? But it is such a buzzkill when the coffee is watered down because of the ice cubes. But, we have just the hack for you. Next time when you brew some coffee, make some ice cubes with that golden liquid. So, you would have that best taste, till the last sip, and of course, it would be heavenly. 
  9. Sugar – NO, Cinnamon – YES: Are you skeptical about adding sugar in coffee? You don’t have to be like that anymore! When putting coffee grounds in the machine or any other equipment, add some cinnamon with it. No matter which one is your favorite from different coffee brewing methods, this hack will always work. Cinnamon will add some sweetness to your cup of coffee without any sugar. It seems like a dope hack, doesn’t it? 
  10. Try coconut milk: Many people try non-dairy creams to add some texture to the coffee. But, instead of using such creamers with preservatives, use coconut milk. It will add flavor, texture, and a nice feel to the coffee. Also, try to use canned coconut milk instead of the ones that come in cartons. If you be sure of the ingredients and check that they are of good quality, these things will add to your cup of joe.
    coffee hacks


Coffee isn’t only an essential part of our mornings. Most of us wouldn’t consider starting the day without our coffee fix. We hope our coffee hacks will change the way you drink coffee forever. These hacks can help you make great coffee each and every time. Imagine saving loads of money on those expensive Starbucks runs because you have a little secret up your sleeve – homemade lattes and coffee at a fraction of the cost.