Best Foods with Coffee

Coffee is a beverage we associate with waking us up, keeping us alert and helping us beat the afternoon energy slump. After all, the caffeine keeps us jittery so we can power through all our tasks. What could be better than your favourite house of coffee blend to take you out of your morning slump?Coffee tastes best when you pair it with food! But what are the best foods with coffee? And how do you fully enjoy your coffee experience?

Best Foods with Coffee

Ideas for Best Foods with Coffee

Coffee cake

Coffee cake is to coffee, and cupcakes are to tea. Nothing about it looks too exciting, really — it’s just cake, after all, and how exciting can cake be? It’s just there as a companion to your morning coffee. A delicious punctuation mark at the end of each hot sip.

Coffee cakes are a perfect breakfast pastry. Their dense, chewy texture and richness in butter and sugar make it as lovely with coffee in the morning as any breakfast pastry you can imagine.

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Did you know that doughnuts and coffee go well together? If you’ve never had your day start like this, maybe it hasn’t felt right all along. There’s something about the sweetness of a doughnut that goes amazingly with a cup of coffee. Perhaps both are substantial carbohydrates that give you short bursts of energy throughout the day to keep going but have zero nutritional value. Anyway, around here, we love doughnuts and coffee!


Coffee can be paired with just about any food you can think of, but one combination often overlooked is the combination of coffee and bacon. Since bacon is so prevalent in the breakfast world, a lot of people think it’s strange to pair coffee with it, but they’re missing out on some great flavour combinations. Bacon goes well with coffee because both have unique flavour profiles that work well together. 

Dark chocolate

It’s almost impossible to resist the combination of chocolate and coffee, after all, the variety of bitter and sweet is hard to resist. Dark chocolate, in particular, is a great pairing, with the complexity and slight bitterness of dark chocolate providing a refined counterpoint to the sweetness of the coffee.

Scrambled eggs

Breakfast foods like scrambled eggs and coffee go together perfectly. Scrambled eggs can be made plain or loaded with vegetables with a bit of salt and pepper. But a simple scramble with solid coffee is all you need. Eggs, especially cooked over easy, are very similar in texture to a fried egg. The yolk should be gooey but still runny. Remember to hold the salt if you like your coffee black and unsweetened; this will avoid adding it.

Grilled cheese

Few things can compete with the combination of coffee and grilled cheese. There’s something so satisfying about that gooey cheese that all but melts in your mouth. So when you want to make a speedy breakfast or keep it simple by adding food items you already have on hand, grilled cheese is your best choice for pairing with coffee.


So I started thinking about desserts that go well with coffee, and I thought about tiramisu. Why does this Italian caffeine-laden dessert work so well with coffee? Well, it must be the combination of flavours. The richness of the cream (or mascarpone) and chocolate combine with the dark coffee flavour to make a perfect combination that is imbued with a good dose of sweetness. So I get creative and start thinking about other desserts that go well with coffee. After all, there are a lot of people out there who drink coffee without sweet things.

Hard cheeses

Keeping away from softer cheeses with delicate flavours is the key to unlocking the cheese-coffee combination. Hard cheeses like cheddar and Swiss can easily stand up to strong coffee, but soft cheeses can be overwhelming. Instead, use a smooth, creamy cheese that isn’t too tangy or acidic. Those cheeses are better in their own right, without the interference from combining them with coffee.


In the end, pairing the best foods with coffee is all about taste. If you like a combination of food and coffee, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says—you’ll keep drinking them together. As I see it, you can learn from what experts say about pairings, but in the end, you will have to depend on your palate to create something unique.