Coffee Brewing Methods

A few years ago, if you asked a home brewer what Coffee Brewing Methods they were familiar with, the answer would be simple – An espresso, a pour-over, or the traditional south Indian filter coffee. Every culture has a different way of brewing their black gold and enjoying it.

There’s been exponential growth in the coffee industry as more and more people discover this magical potion that we coffee lovers can’t get enough of.  There are now dozens of Coffee Brewing Methods out in the market, some good, some great, and some outright amazing! Lately, the number of Coffee Brewing Methods has grown significantly.

If you were looking for the best Coffee Brewing Methods, you could try this weekend. Then your search ends here. In this guide, let’s take a look at the various methods of brewing coffee you can use to make a mean cuppa joe for yourself or perhaps for that special someone 😉 So without further ado, let’s dive in.

The Best Coffee Brewing Methods For Home Brewers

1. Espresso Brewing Method

The most common and well-known type of coffee brewing method is espresso brewing. You can find espresso machines powered by electricity or espresso pots that run on a stove (Also known as Moka pots). Coffee can be brewed from coarse or fine grounds from a reputable Indian coffee company.

People who want a nice frothy cup of milky coffee or a shot of black coffee will find this coffee brewing ideal.

2. French Press Brewing Method

French press is an immersion method of brewing coffee. The coffee is immersed with warm or cold water until it blooms and then strained using a plunger pot called the french pot or melior to get a deep, rich decoction. For the best taste, use the Down South Blend of freshly roasted and ground coffee from House of Coffee. This concentrate is mixed with steaming hot milk or consumed as is to experience the fantastic natural flavors of coffee.

3. Aeropress Brewing

This brewing method looks more like a science project and less like a coffee brewing technique. However, the results we get from an Aeropress are awe-inspiring. The coffee decoction we get from an Aeropress is clean, smooth, and rich, making it ideal for any homebrewer trying to make a cup of Home Coming blend of rich coffee in India.

An Aeropress is best suited for people who travel and want their coffee brewer to be handy. A quality Aeropress is a must-have for anyone who enjoys coffee.

4. Coffee Bag Brewing

If you’re in a hurry to get your quick fix of caffeine, then coffee bags are your savior. Coffee bags, much like tea bags, need to be steeped in boiling water for them to bloom. The resulting decoction may not be the purest, tastiest coffee you ever drink, but it certainly is good enough to get you your quick fix of coffee.

While coffee purists are reluctant to embrace this style of brewing, it is a quick and easy way to make delectable coffee on the go.

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5. Chemex Brewing

A Chemex looks more like a flower vase than a coffee brewer but don’t be deceived by its looks. It makes amazingly rich coffee when used with the best coffee powders in India. Chemex filters are thicker than regular filters, allowing the coffee powder to infuse the water poured over them fully. One other cool thing about Chemex pots is that a regular one can make about four or five cups of coffee at once, so it’s a great model for anyone who wants to host a party for coffee lovers.

Coffee brewed with a Chemex should ideally be consumed undiluted and black. However, many people believe that adding a bit of milk makes the experience even better.

6. Pour Over Drip Brewing

A pour-over drip container is a simple jar with a coffee filter at the top. Just mix a bit of coffee powder with boiling water and let gravity do the work for you. Warm water brings out the unique taste of your coffee grounds and allows the rich and aromatic decoction to flow through your filter. The result? Earthy, wholesome coffee which can be enjoyed black or with a bit of heavy cream.

The decoction contains microscopic coffee powder particles, which gives it an earthy, rustic taste. This method is ideal for people who have some time to spare as a good drip can take anywhere from 1 to 8 hours. Remember, patience is a virtue.

7. Cold Brew Coffee Brewing Method


These days, new coffee lovers are enamored with cold brews. The resulting blend is a mild, mellow, and light decoction of smooth and flavourful coffee. It’s an ideal way to drink flavourful coffees that are often infused with things like berries or chicory.

To make the perfect cold blend, you must add a few spoons of your favorite coffee powder in India to a mason jar, then slowly add some warm water to the pot and stir for a couple of minutes. Let the solution sit for 12 to 24 hours till the coffee powder blooms completely. Strain the mixture to obtain the perfect iced coffee decoction. Add in a bit of sugar, honey, or milk, and you have a delectable coffee ready for consumption.

8. Filter Coffee Brewing

In my humble opinion, this traditional south Indian coffee brewing method loved across the globe is one the best ways to brew your coffee. The brewing process is straightforward. The brewing pot is made up of 2 parts. You pour your coffee grounds into the cup on top and fill the cup with boiling water. A strong decoction will be ready to consume in the bottom cup as gravity does its job in a few minutes. This technique, like the pour-over brewing method, uses gravity to purify your nectar from the gods.

Filter coffee tastes heavenly with some sugar and milk, especially when poured in a davra from some height to make it foamy.

9. Vacuum Pot Brewing

A vacuum pot has the appearance of a scientific apparatus, but it produces a full-bodied coffee decoction using its unique brewing technique. It’s an infusion brewing method where the coffee is heated and cooled to extract the perfect flavor from your coffee ground.

A vacuum pot or siphon is a challenging device to master, and getting your hands on one is also an obstacle. The complexity of this method appeals to coffee aficionados because it gives them a sense of achievement. The coffee from a siphon should ideally be consumed black to enjoy the unique flavors.

10. The “Desi Style” Brewing Method

The method you see used across households, the desi style brewing method or the boil brewing method involves boiling coffee with hot water and bringing it to a mild simmer to release all the aroma and flavor of the coffee.

Many purists might disagree with this method of making coffee, but it’s functional, quick, and efficient. You can add in a bit of cinnamon and milk to the boiling coffee to make a wholesome, flavor-packed drink that’s sure to wake you up in a jolt!

So there you have it! The top 10 coffee brewing methods you can try out this weekend. Coffee brewing is an art that everyone can try, but only a few can master. If you’re looking for authentic south Indian filter coffee but don’t know how you brew it yourself, then give our Instant South Indian filter coffee decoction a try. You’ll love it!