Home Coffee Station – Essentials

Coffee making is beyond just a hobby. And I think we all know that, right? But, it has become a part of our daily routine. Because guess what? Life feels good with a cup of coffee in hand (brownie points if it is your favorite House of Coffee blend). So, now that you are head over heels in love with this liquid gold, that corner in your kitchen desperately needs a coffee station makeover. 

About that makeover, we are here to make that easy and fun for our fellow coffee lovers. So keep reading on and get to know all about the essentials you guys need to fulfill the needs of an at-home coffee station. 

  • Whole bean coffee

Believe us when we tell you investing in whole beans instead of already grounded coffee beans is way better. Reason? Your coffee would taste better and fresh when the beans are put in a grinder before brewing. Yes, instant coffee is a time saver; it will quench your thirst when running late. But when you have time and want nothing but the best, grind your coffee beans and enjoy a perfect cup of joe. So what are you waiting for? Order some coffee beans from our website and get them delivered to your house with no hassles. 

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  • Scale

Measuring the coffee beans and brewing them must be part of your routine. So how can one not invest in a measuring scale for that at-home coffee brewing station? The perfect ratio makes the perfect cuppa joe, and your taste buds would side with us for this fact. With the scale, it is easier for a coffee lover to find the blend and ratio that works for them and gets them going. So it can be a fun activity to find out that go-to coffee cup when in need. 

  • Coffee grinder

And for the obvious reasons, it is impossible to miss out on a perfect coffee grinder for that little corner. And, before you ask for it, we already have a comprehensive guide to choosing the right one for you. It is easy to learn how to grind the coffee perfectly. The grind size can be fine or coarse, or even a mix of both. It varies depending on the coffee your heart demands at the time. Good tip disclaimer: Only grind the amount of coffee you intend to brew simultaneously. The shelf life of ground coffee is way less than that of whole coffee beans. So it is better to keep a check. Once you do, a fresh cup of coffee is guaranteed. 

  • Electric milk frother

The frothier the milk, the better the coffee gets. It doesn’t matter whether the coffee type is hot or cold. But frothing the milk sure does make a lot of difference in the coffee game. While selecting a milk frother, there are some things to remember. And they are,

  • It should be handy
  • The quality cannot be compromised
  • The weight of frother
  • Frother wand must be good material. (It is the first thing that breaks)
  • Do not invest in plastic ones
  • Battery size. (It definitely matters) 
  • Research the motor power and speed
  • Go for good brands
  • Never forget to check the reviews
  • Hand grip on it makes all the difference
  • Air-tight containers

Honestly, these are literal game changers. Invest in air-tight glass or ceramic containers, and the freshness of your whole coffee beans will not be compromised. Yes, pre-ground coffee goes stale pretty quickly. But even those whole beans would not keep up with the freshness if not kept in a proper place and containers. Buy good quality air-tight containers, preferably dark-colored, and always store the coffee beans at room temperature in a dark corner. You must not make the same mistake as others, don’t keep these containers in the refrigerator. Humidity is not a good friend of coffee beans. 

  • Coffee Maker/ Water Kettle/ French Press

Mostly it depends on what type of coffee you prefer when it comes to these options. It could be an electric drip coffee maker for espresso lovers. That OG water kettle or even a french press machine. Just like we said, it depends on the preference of who is buying. 

  • Coffee filters

Using coffee filters in a coffee maker will not only keep the coffee grounds apart from the coffee but also go a long way. Coffee grounds leave oil while we extract that liquid gold from them. This oil is also why we must clean the coffee maker religiously every now and then. With the help of coffee filters, oil’s damage is less than it could have done without the filters. You can either go for paper coffee filters or cloth ones. One can find plastic filters in the market as well. But as we know, they are not sustainable and litter the environment. Paper ones are disposable, and cloth ones are sustainable. 

  • Some toppings or flavorings

A dash of cinnamon can make you ditch sugar in the coffee and makes it healthier. There are other toppings, such as nutmeg, cocoa powder, and chocolate pieces. Add whatever that goes well with that cuppa joe for you. What if? That special topping with the coffee makes it a staple choice and feels like home anywhere. 

  • Ceramic mugs

You’ve got everything, but why not add that finishing touch with ceramic coffee mugs? A hot cup of coffee will not only be the caffeine fix of the morning with these mugs. In addition, the warmth will give comfort in a chilly morning, just like your favorite blanket. 

Final say

Beginner or not, the things mentioned above are absolute essentials for all coffee lovers. With all these things handy, you can never crave a nice cup of coffee and not be able to have it. These things are indeed an investment, but what about a one-time investment that becomes the reason for happiness and good health on a daily basis?