French Press Coffee

First off, we all love coffee, and if it is french press coffee, it is a delight to savor and even easier to prepare. So imagine your favorite House Of Coffee blend of coffee prepared with a french press machine. It even sounds so incredible. 

Just so you could get to taste the delight, we are going to take care of all your concerns and give you the ultimate guide to up your coffee game! So just keep reading on and make a barista-like coffee at home!

How to choose the right french press?

Among the best features of this coffee maker is that it comes in different sizes and shapes. It allows you to choose the one you prefer more than the others. There are four different options for a french press coffee maker from which you can choose. Here they are. 

  • Small French Press: This French press can make three to four cups of coffee in one go. So if it is only you or one more person is living with you, it is the preferable choice. 
  • Large French Press: Now, this french press machine can produce 8 to 12 cups in a single batch. If you are a party person and the crowd loves a good cuppa joe, then go for it!
  • Metal French Press: Metal is more durable than glass, as it retains heat better. It is also a great option if you want a french press machine for the long run. 
  • Electric French Press: It is indeed a perfect option for those who are always running behind on chores. Just turn on the switch, add water and coffee grounds and let it brew.

So if you want to save money but not sacrifice good coffee? Getting a French press at home will surely solve this problem. It will be easy to get that decent cup anytime, and NO MORE morning or evening runs to the cafe as well!

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How to prepare coffee in a French press?

French press coffee maker is an ideal companion for starting your day. As it is a convenient and easy method of preparing coffee, many people prefer it to other coffee machines. Look below for the easy-to-follow process of preparing coffee in a french press coffee machine

  1. Preheat your French press machine. 
  2. Measure and weigh your coffee grounds.
  3. Measure water and also check the temperature. 
  4. Add your House Of Coffee Down South coffee grounds and hot water to the jar. 
  5. Put on the lid and start brewing the coffee. 
  6. Press the plunger down slowly. 
  7. Pour and serve the coffee. 

What are the basic mistakes you need to avoid while using a French press machine?

Bad storage methods

Like any other fruit, it is critical to ensure that the coffee grounds stay fresh for longer. It is essential to store the coffee beans in the best way possible to keep them fresh. There are three factors to storing the coffee beans the right way, and they are, 

  1. Keep it in the dark place. 
  2. Always store it in an airtight container. 
  3. There should be no humidity near the place. 

If you check these three factors, the coffee will stay fresh for two to three weeks. If not, the coffee will not stay fresh for even half of that time. 

Dirty coffee machine

We all love our coffee, but most of us do not know that brewing coffee using an unclean coffee maker can cause serious health issues. This is because unclean matter can develop mold. This mold imparts flavors to coffee and, more importantly, can slowly wear down your immune system. So, it’s best to clean the machine every week for better taste. Also, you must keep cleaning the glass pot and lid, as this is where coffee grounds get stuck. 

Grinding a big batch at once

Of course, you love the aroma of coffee in the morning, but if you are preparing a huge batch of coffee beans at once, it is a mistake. Coffee beans are pretty resilient. Even if you purchase them months in advance, they can still stay fresh for two to three weeks after they’ve been roasted. But it’s a different story with coffee grounds. Once the coffee grounds are used, they only hold their freshness for about 30 minutes before they start to lose that wonderful caffeinated aroma we all love. 

Pouring every last bit of the coffee

We know it is not in the heart of a coffee lover to even waste a drop of coffee. But, it will be good for your taste buds to just leave the last ounce in the jar. It will not taste good and will feel like silt/mud. Some people say that letting the coffee sit in the jar for a little longer will help extract the flavors even better. It is true, but you should never drink the last ounce or two. 

Not cleaning or replacing the filter

A common myth people seem to believe is that once the oil has built up on your filter, it has “seasoned” the French press and is part of the flavor. It is simply not true. It is essential to clean the filter. If the filter is stuck with the coffee grounds, maybe it is time to replace it. 

Not grinding the beans properly.

What grind to use comes down to personal preference. If you like a more pungent taste, use a finer grind. If you want things easier on your palate, go for a slightly coarser grind. Mostly, a finer grind is preferable for French press coffee. However, if you leave it too coarse, the sweet delight you will be waiting for will not be that satisfactory. 


There you have it, a thorough guide to a french press coffee maker. If you are looking forward to a happy cuppa joe every morning, we recommend the French Press if you want a reliable and cheaper brewing method. It is indeed the best one can find for the quality of coffee, ease of use and cleaning, and versatility of uses.