Best ways to introduce coffee to your lifestyle

Coffee has been around for a long time. History can tell us that it has been in existence for centuries. It stirred discussions until it was finally known as one of the most consumed beverages in the world.

Maybe you’re just starting to explore the wondrous world of coffee. Or maybe you are in between, not a long-time user nor an expert. If you are a coffee newbie and have just sipped your first cup of freshly brewed coffee from House of Coffee, all that you’ve heard, read, and seen about this magical drink might still be confusing. The reality is that coffee arouses strong feelings across people, including addiction and pleasure, and sometimes they don’t really know.

introduce coffee to your lifestyle

Introducing coffee to your diet can improve your overall lifestyle, and we’re here to give you some ways to start your journey!

Introduce the flavor to your tongue

There are various ways to introduce yourself to the flavor without drinking coffee. Here are some easy ways:

  1. Try coffee-flavored ice cream: We love ice cream, don’t we? So, treat yourself with nice coffee-flavored ice cream instead of buying that usual flavor. Ice cream will help get a hint of an idea about how coffee tastes. It can be a great way without actually giving in to the aspect.
  2. Try a cake with coffee flavor: It is easy to infuse a cake with coffee flavor. With this, it becomes easy to enjoy two of your favorite things, cake, and coffee. 

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Try basic coffee drinks.

Many coffee enthusiasts like to try different and special coffee drinks and types. But if you are a newbie, it is better to get the hang of the taste first. So here, keep reading to know more about the types of coffee drinks you should try first.

  1. Cappuccino: A cappuccino is a delicious drink if you enjoy foamy milk. Cappuccinos are made by adding hot steamed milk to a shot of espresso. When milk is steamed, it becomes thicker and velvetier. Cappuccino is a well-known comfort drink for a lot of people. Because apparently, it is just hard to get enough of that cream atop the foamy drink.
  2.  Latte: Every cup of coffee is different, and every cafe has its way of making them. But when it comes to a latte and cappuccino, they are kind of similar. The primary factor in differentiating the both is the foam. A cup of cappuccino will have more foam than a cup of latte. Then the difference comes in how it is prepared and how the milk is poured. So, if you prefer less foam, try a latte.
  3. Mocha: It’s no secret that mochas are a popular drink. They contain chocolate, meaning they’ll likely be a favorite among most people. So you’re enjoying the chocolate-filled goodness of your latte. The aroma tickles your nose, and the taste keeps you coming back for more. A latte is such a wonderful drink. Now imagine drinking a latte that is made with chocolate.
  4. Frappe: Frappes are a very specific type of iced coffee beverage. Frappes are not made by pouring coffee and milk over ice but by blending them with ice. It’s like making a milkshake. Often, syrups or sugar are added to make a drink more flavorful. 
  5. An affogato: If you are in the mood for a dessert and coffee, this must be your choice. Affogato is essentially a shot of espresso served with vanilla ice cream. But to get the best out of it, the espresso must be brewed using good quality coffee beans. You can rely on House Of Coffee to provide good quality yet affordable coffee. 

But if you cannot decide what to order, trust your barista. Ask them to suggest what they serve best there and is suitable for the taste of a newbie to coffee.

Try food pairings with coffee.

Love coffee? Hate coffee? Maybe you’re on the fence about coffee but want to try it for the first time. Many people are intimidated by the taste of coffee because they’ve encountered weak, flavorless instant coffee. However, coffee itself is actually mild in taste, and many subtle flavors are often buried beneath the bitterness or, worse yet, covered up by sugar and milk. By pairing the taste of coffee with another food item, you can experience the whole spectrum of flavors that comprise the distinctive taste of coffee.

You can pair coffee with chocolate or nut-based foods. People also like to pair it with citrus-based foods, like berries and spice-based foods. So when confused, try it with any of these options, and it will be worth it. 

Understand the different health benefits of coffee

Yes, the way this liquid gold tastes is just fantastic. But, it is not only a flavor-packed beverage; it is filled with many benefits. Need help losing some extra weight? Coffee has got your back. Anxiety, nervousness, sleepiness, risk of stroke, or diabetes are all curbed with the help of intake of coffee. This is just scraping the surface, and there are even more health benefits of incorporating coffee into your lifestyle. 

The final say

We hope this blog helps your journey of trying a cuppa joe less intimidating. Coffee has plenty of variety, so it is easy to go forward at your pace and try different brews as you like them. So go on, place your order on House of Coffee’s website and get to experiment and learn what suits your taste buds better.