Coffee Hacks For Super Moms

Some people are coffee lovers, but not all of them are moms. Moms love coffee more than anything; they live off of it. New mothers crave it, dream about it, and count down the minutes until they can drink it.  As for twin moms, well, you just hook up the IV.

No matter your level of coffee experience, we can all use an upgrade from our routine when it comes to caffeine. These Coffee hacks for Super Moms are a token of love to all those who crave caffeine around the house.

Hack # 1 – Make Plant Fertilizer For Your Garden From Used Grounds

Coffee is a wonderful source of organic matter for those of us who make coffee every day. So, please don’t throw them off! Put them to good use.

It is a proven fact that used coffee grounds contain nutrients that can improve plant growth tremendously. You can use coffee grounds as compost by sprinkling them surrounding your plant and watering it, which will let the nutrients seep into the soil.

Your compost will be greener if you add coffee grounds and some used paper coffee filters. It must, however, be balanced with brown compost material, such as dry leaves and newspapers. In general, there should be a 4-to-1 ratio between brown and green compost. Compost piles start to smell if they contain too much green material. And it won’t get hot if you don’t have enough. So, keep the ratio intact.

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Hack # 2 – Beat The Heat With Coffee Popsicles

After lunch, you need a slight boost to help you get through the remainder of the day. Forget your usual snack of iced coffee and a candy bar. The best way to get your mojo back is with a coffee popsicle. Whether you make them from cold brew or leftover French press coffee, these cold treats will give you an energy boost while cooling you down.

Ensure the milk and coffee are cold before you stir in the sweetener, as it helps speed up the freezing process. For freezing, pour the mixture into popsicle molds or paper cups, and then insert the sticks. Pop it in the freezer, and voila!

Hack # 3 – Coffee For Desserts Anyone?

It is well known that coffee makes a tasty dessert after dinner, and the flavor is also perfect for sweets. You can prepare diverse, delicious, and fun coffee desserts ranging from sweet espressos and ice creams to cakes, puddings, and versions of tiramisu.

While you use powdered instant coffee or espresso for many of these recipes, others require strong-brewed coffee made from high-quality organic coffee beans. You need to brew the dessert coffee at least 12 hours in advance to ensure a richer, more authentic flavor.

If you want coffee ice cream, add cold coffee to cake batters. To make a safe coffee dessert for kids, substitute regular coffee with decaf. If you don’t want to use coffee brewed, you can use whole espresso beans or coffee powder. However, you’ll need to avoid the heat, which will result in an authentic flavor without bitterness and acidity.

Hack # 4 – A Coffee Nap Can Be A Magic Nap

Coffee and sleep don’t seem to go hand in hand, but sometimes a cup of coffee right before a short nap may work wonders for you.

Sleeping right after drinking coffee may seem counter-intuitive. After all, caffeine can keep you awake at night. However, a cup of coffee just before your nap increases the benefits of both.

You can get a much-needed energy boost from coffee naps during the middle of the day. When you feel tired, you may want to take a short nap to ease your fatigue – drink a cup of coffee, preferably black, and doze off for 20 minutes. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed.

Hack # 5 – Make Homemade Skin Exfoliator From Coffee

The first cup of coffee is the perfect way to start your day – a perfect source of zen. However, did you know that your morning coffee has much more to offer than just a boost? In this technological age, coffee has acquired a beauty upgrade and is an all-natural alternative to scrubs available commercially. It’s not a joke! The caffeine in coffee can tighten and brighten your skin and make it look smoother.

You can make a facial and body scrub using coffee grounds. Use your discarded coffee grounds to make a face mask using brown sugar, coconut, or hemp oils. For soft, youthful skin, use the scrub in the shower.

Hack # 6 – Get An Automated Smart Coffee Maker

Easily the best coffee hack for Super Moms! Smart coffee makers.

You can control a smart automatic coffee maker from a phone, so you can have your nectar ready before you get out of bed. These coffee makers can also make some fantastic styles of coffee automatically, which is a bonus.

While you can’t always get to Starbucks, you can brew an excellent cup of coffee right at home. Getting your coffee pot to brew just the way you like your coffee is a lot easier with today’s technology!

Hack # 7 – Look Out For Coupons From Your Favorite Coffee Companies

If you turn to coffee for a pick-me-up in the morning or during the day, get coffee coupons for discounts on your favorite brands. Why not? What is to stop you from doing it if it is a way to cut back on the prices you pay for items? You can add even more savings to your plans by using shopping apps like, Ibotta, cafe coffee day, and many more.

Coupons are off-the-map coffee hacks for Super Moms. The best ones take a little bit of digging but are worth the grind. Keeping your pantry stocked with coffee for less money will keep your wallet fat, but if you want a special treat, splurge on a delicious cafe coffee drink.

One of the best ways to get discount coupons is to subscribe to emails from your favorite coffee suppliers like house of coffee.

Hack # 8 – Froth Milk In A Mason Jar

Your morning cappuccino or latte is an inescapable start to your day, but your wallet might not always agree. Coffee shop trips add up over time. However, you and your wallet can come to an agreement. It is now possible to make an unlimited number of fancy coffee drinks by frothing milk at home for no extra charge.

Yes, super mom, this coffee hack is for you!

Getting foamed milk at home is easy and takes only a few minutes. A mason jar and a microwave are all you need to froth milk at home. Just pour the milk into the jar, close it and shake briskly until it foams. Next, put the jar in the microwave for 30 seconds with the lid off. Adding this heated milk to your coffee will make it an easy, homemade latte.

Hack # 9 – Coffee Ice Cubes, Perfect For Coffee Or Cocktails

Do you have leftover coffee in your pot? Don’t flush it down the drain. Instead, pour it into ice cube trays and freeze it overnight. Iced coffee cubes can turn out to be the coolest coffee Hacks for Super Moms. Add flavorings, milk, and sugar to them, and your next iced coffee is sure to be flavorful, fabulous, and delicious.

Wrapping Up!

Even superheroes need a little assistance sometimes to get through their days. These Coffee hacks for Super Moms will help give you the boost you need and crave while making the toughest job in the world a bit easier.

What was your favorite hack? Did we miss one? Let us know below.