Coffee Trends To Try In 2022

Every day, coffee manufacturers find new ways of presenting our beloved nectar from the gods. Coffee fanatics don’t leave any opportunity to enjoy their beverage of choice.  With new ideas and techniques, new trends keep popping up every year, and it can be hard to keep up with what’s trendy. To alleviate this problem, we compiled this list of Coffee trends to try in 2022. So let’s take a deeper dive and look at the best Coffee trends of 2022 and beyond.

Don’t Miss Out On These Coffee Trends In 2022

The culture of coffee houses has been disrupted in the short term, but people’s love for coffee remains the same. Cafes play a vital role in the cultural and creative production of the world, and without them, coffee lovers would be left to discover new trends for themselves. Let’s take a look at the best coffee trends to try at home in 2022.

1. Coffees And Additives That Are Good For Your Health

home coming coffee powder

Health and wellness is a trillion-dollar industry, and naturally, people have been leaning more and more towards healthier options for their indulgences.  Every new health and wellness trend is followed by new coffee options to draw people’s attention.

Consumers have been moving towards healthier coffee options like chicory blended coffee, and alternative additives like nut-milk and creamers mixed collagen to improve skin health.

Many people are also moving to alternative coffee options like coffee made from date pits, mushrooms, etc. Adding turmeric to their morning cuppa joe is another health hack coffee people are going gaga over.

2. Snapchilled Or Flash Brew Coffee

If you’re a cold brew clan member, then you’re already familiar with snapchiled coffee. For the uninitiated, Snapchilling, developed by David Dussault, an MIT alumnus, is the process of drastically reducing the temperature of coffee to an extremely cold state in a matter of seconds.

Snapchilling is a Coffee trend in 2022 you must keep an eye on as it produces impressive results, much better than a regular cold brew. Snapchilled coffee has exhilarating flavors but is smoother and less acidic compared to a typical cold brew. Our homecoming blend would be ideal for a cup of snapchilled coffee at home

3. Dalgona Coffee

filter fables coffee powder

Are you even surprised that dalgona coffee made it to our list of coffee trends to try in 2022?

A Korean invention, Dalgona coffee is a whipped coffee first popularized via TikTok. A cup of Dalgona coffee contains four essential ingredients – instant coffee, sugar, water, and milk. That’s all!

Traditionally a cup of Dalgona is simply presented with fluffy whipped coffee atop your favorite iced coffee, which makes it pleasing to look at. Personally speaking, it’s more for the aesthetic than the taste, but it sure looks very cool.

New recipes like Dalgona Boba Tea which is boba tea topped with whipped dalgona coffee, Dirty Dalgona, which is a cross between a chai and a dalgona coffee and Dalgona Affogato, which is gelato topped with whipped dalgona coffee, are gaining popularity because of their unique presentation.

If you’re looking for a specialty coffee to make your cup of dalgona coffee, then look no further than our Highland notes – specialty coffee.

4. Sustainable Coffee

Sustainability is the theme for the next decade. Millennials as a generation are knowledgeable and careful of what they consume.  They aren’t a price-sensitive audience but instead want to know how sustainably their produce is being supplied. An increasing number of people are interested in sustainable coffee brands in India like House Of Coffee.

As consumers demand their produce to be more sustainable, there’s been a surge in the number of companies that are developing long-term relationships with their suppliers and growers, contributing to the social and environmental sustainability of the entire chain.

Keep an eye on this Coffee trend in 2022, as sustainability is going to be the theme for this decade and the millennium going forward.

5. Instant Coffee That Competes With Professional Coffee

There was a time when coffee lovers had to choose between taste and flavor or convenience. Not anymore! As time goes by, instant coffee has improved so much that it can compete with professional barista-made coffee.

Products such as Home coming and filter fables have changed the game entirely by introducing aromatic flavourful coffee powder that produces rich and full-bodied concoctions which can easily compete with professional coffee.

6. Coffee Subscriptions

Does the idea of new blends of coffee personalized to your unique taste delivered right to your doorstep every month for a reasonable price sound like a dream to you? Not anymore!

Coffee subscriptions are one of the biggest coffee trends in 2022 that’s sure to bloom in the years to come. We are already seeing major industry players move to this model of coffee delivery, and more are soon to follow. 

The coffee beans and powders sourced through these subscriptions tend to be unique, flavourful, and outright mind-blowing as they are sourced from small roasters who you wouldn’t easily discover online.

If you prefer to buy specialty coffee yourself, then visit our Amazon store and take a look at the unique options we have on offer for you.

7. Nitro Cold-Brew Coffee

When we first heard of this insane yet delicious coffee drink, we admit that we were skeptical. Why would anyone want their coffee to have a fizzy head like a Guinness or artisanal beer? The science behind the nitro cold-brew is still a bit of a mystery, but it’s said to give the drink an extra level of smoothness and creaminess. Cold-brew coffee is great, but cold-brew that’s been infused with nitrogen gas? That’s even better. Nitro cold brew is smooth, rich, and flavorful, unlike regular iced coffee. 

Let’s talk about how to produce nitro coffee. So, at first, one needs to brew the coffee hot and then cool it. After that, it is infused with nitrogen. One thing that sets it apart from various cold brews is its velvet-like texture. It is also why the name “velvet drink” and “liquid gold” was given to this particular drink. It is definitely a trend you wouldn’t want to miss. So go to your nearest coffee shop and take a sip of this liquid gold and see for yourself if it is worth the hype. 

8. Ready To Consume Coffee

Ready to consume or ready to drink coffees come in pre-packaged boxes or cans and can be enjoyed without modifications or additions. More and more people are buying these RTD mixes as it saves time and provides a similar experience to home-brewed coffee at comparable costs.

We can thank Starbucks for bringing this coffee trend to the masses. Initially, they started offering bottled frappuccinos, but it has since grown exponentially. RTD brews are now available at both local coffee shops and international conglomerates, and coffee lovers just can’t have enough.

Most grocery stores carry RTDs that include cold brews, mochas, iced lattes, nitro brews, and more in a variety of flavors at all price points. The convenience of RTDs is what sells it.

Try out these instant filter coffee decoctions to make delectable cups of ready-to-drink filter coffee within minutes.

9. Non-Dairy Milk in Coffee

So, you don’t like cow’s milk? Or you’re a vegan or lactose-intolerant and prefer non-dairy alternatives to dairy milk. It can be difficult to find satisfying substitutes that aren’t expensive and taste good. Not all coffee lovers are vegans or lactose-intolerant folks, but most of them are. As a vegan, you can’t drink cow’s milk products. And as someone suffering from lactose intolerance, you too will avoid dairy products as much as possible. 

Mostly the reason why people look for non-dairy products is that it has got so much hype in these past few days. It is why you would find numerous healthy varieties in the non-dairy milk alternatives. Want to know some of the famous ones? Here they are,

  1. Soy milk
  2. Rice milk
  3. Coconut milk
  4. Almond milk
  5. Oats milk
  6. Cashew milk
  7. Hemp milk

We all know that being a vegan is the “in” thing these days. So wait no more! Try out these substitutes even if you are not vegan or lactose intolerant. 

10. Koji-Fermented coffee

For centuries, coffee farmers have experimented with natural fermentation techniques to create specialty coffee flavors and aromas. It has led to processes that add beans or grounds directly to containers filled with koji spores, yeasts, and bacteria. The idea of Koji-fermented coffee was conjured up in the mind of Koichi Higuchi. 

He sprinkled some koji spores over the green coffee beans and then let them ferment for a few days. When the coffee beans were fermented properly, he noticed an increase in amino acids in beans. It wasn’t a normal increase, and it was three times more than the normal ones. Along with the benefits of amino acids, the surface of these beans was also less greasy. 

The Koji-fermented coffee sure provides the best sip of their coffee, and it also takes the coffee market to a new level. 

So, there we have it. The ultimate list of Coffee trends in 2022 that are sure to impress you. Let us know which trend is a fad and which one you think is here to stay in the comments below.