The ultimate guide for coffee as an energy boost!

Have you ever felt that boost of energy after that cuppa joe? Of course, you have. Coffee is famous for its energy ping and the taste of liquid gold. But how to get the best energy boost out of that one cup? Do you know that? If not, we are here to help you get the best of it. 

ultimate guide for a coffee energy boost

Know the best time to drink coffee!

Of course, you thought the time didn’t matter. But it is a fact that if you know the right time, you can get the correct boost out of it. So what is the best time? Mornings! Yes! It is not just hype created by someone for a morning cup of coffee. Drinking coffee in the morning can get you to the right start to the day.

If you drink coffee at night or in the afternoon, it is possible that it will disrupt your sleep and will certainly impact your health. Let’s discuss the benefits of drinking coffee in the morning,

  1. The energy boost: Don’t you feel so lazy when waking up in the morning? What is the best measure to get out of bed? Coffee! Confide in your House of Coffee’s favourite blend and wake your body up with just a sip.
  2. The decay of caffeine: Once we consume coffee, the caffeine is absorbed inside our bodies. Caffeine stays in our bodies for quite a long. So once we do that, the caffeine effect on the body can last upto 4-5 hours. This helps you stay energized for most of the day.
  3. Practical and healthy: Just like we discussed, coffee stays in our body for 4-5 hours. If we don’t think about the time we consume it, it can hinder sleep. This can also turn you into an insomniac. We don’t advise that, nor is it good for the mind and body.

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Choose the best coffee beans

Duh!! Best coffee beans = Best coffee boost. But the main question is, how to choose the best coffee beans? We say go with House of Coffee. Why?

  1. Good quality: House of coffee believes in providing excellent and consistent quality coffee beans. They make sure that the customers get unique roasts, grinds, and packaging techniques. The package materials that are used are specifically designed to retain the freshness of the coffee beans until consumed.
  2. Affordable premium blends: We all know good coffee is for sure very expensive. But it is not the case with a house of coffee. They make sure you get to taste heaven in your cup and such premium coffee is affordable to all.
  3. Homegrown brand: House of coffee is a brand that originated in India by some coffee enthusiasts. They saw the gap and filled it with House of Coffee. Most coffee beans are sourced from Karnataka, India.
  4. Delivered at your doorstep: Running low on coffee? Don’t fret; just get on House of Coffee’s website, and order your favourite blend. Isn’t that great? Online shopping has become such a convenience, and when we are able to get such premium things online without any issues, it is a brownie point.
  5. Too many blends to choose from: Oh, we do love variety, don’t we? Where there is variety, it emits an aroma of good quality.

Things that you need to make that perfect cup of coffee.

  1. Coffee scale: No, you cannot just measure the coffee with a spoon and get making. Suppose you want to be perfect when making coffee, as coffee making is literally an art. Getting the ratio right is very vital. You could invest in a digital scale, as it is more convenient and easy.
  2. Quality coffee filters: There are so many options when it comes to paper filters. Invest in good quality, chlorine-free filters.
  3. Grinder: The way you grind the coffee can impact the taste of the coffee. So do some research and see if your type of coffee needs coarse-ground coffee or fine-ground coffee.
  4. Kettle: The type of kettle you buy for your coffee-making process can make or break the taste of the coffee. The process is not that tricky, but the features like holding the temperature or stopwatch can be a great convenience.

The final say

A steaming hot (or cold) cup of coffee in the morning can set you in the suitable mode of productivity and motivation. And it is the reason we are here to provide you with the best we can offer. Check out the above-mentioned information with keen eyes, and get that maximum boost out of your cup of liquid gold.