Coffee Grinding Basics

How’s the grounds? Good, I’m glad someone asked. See, one might think that grounds can be ground repeatedly, but this is dead wrong. Grinding coffee is almost as important as how you roast and brew it. So the way you grind your beans will play a big part in determining how they’ll taste when brewed. 

Coffee Grinding Basics

Many people would be thinking, how hard grinding coffee beans can be? Yes, it is not that hard, but you’ve got to know the right way to do it and how fine it should be. Don’t worry, my fellow coffee lovers. We are here to tell you the way to grind your favorite House of Coffee beans and get best flavor out of them!

Freshly ground coffee’s benefits

  1. Fresh coffee: If you are also a coffee lover, you must know that once the coffee beans are put in the grinder, their shelf life will get shorter. The shelf life of the coffee beans is longer, and if you store them in an airtight container, it will be even better. So once you start grinding your coffee right before brewing it, you will be able to just savor the freshness of that liquid gold.
  2. Cleaner cup of coffee: When you grind fresh coffee beans, you wouldn’t want the old coffee grounds sitting in your coffee maker now. So this way, it will be evident that the coffee in your cup will be cleaner and fresh and just how you want it. The aroma and taste would be just worth it. I am telling you!
  3. Oh, that aroma: Wouldn’t you love to wake up to that fresh aroma of freshly brewed House of Coffee’s coffee? Oh, any coffee lover would go crazy for it. If you grind the coffee just before brewing it, it will have a better aroma than the one brewed some days ago. 
  4. More flavorful: Fresh coffee is another thing, but the flavors are also elevated when the coffee beans are freshly ground. Every sip will feel like the elixir of life that would just wake your body and mind up in seconds. 
  5. Personalize that cup of java: People have different moods, and it is pretty normal to want another type of coffee sometimes. So when you grind fresh coffee beans, it is up to you how you want to do it. Finer coffee grounds can give you a stronger cup of coffee, but the coarse grounds provide less intense but still tremendous and tasteful coffee. It all depends on what variety of coffee you are craving when grinding fresh coffee beans. So what else are you waiting for? 

We know that grinding coffee right at that time seems like another chore to add to the work, but it is just worth it. Once you touch that liquid gold to your lips, it will be a time spent well and with no regrets. 

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Things to keep in mind while grinding coffee – coffee grinding basics

Now that we have stated these amazing things about grinding fresh coffee, there are some things that you should keep in mind when grinding coffee beans.

  • Pick up that coffee grinder just when you are about to brew the coffee to get that fresh grind. 
  • Choose the right size of coffee grounds. Be sure how you want it; it could be fine or coarse, per your wish or mood. 
  • Clean the coffee grinder before putting your favorite coffee beans in it. It will help avoid mixing the old coffee grounds with the fresh ones. 

To get the best out of your coffee grinding experience, make sure you buy a good quality grinder. 

Type of grinds according to different coffee preparation methods

  1. French press: Medium grind
  2. Stove-top espresso: Fine grind
  3. Drip coffee: Coarse grind
  4. Espresso: Fine grind
  5. Pour-over coffee: Medium grind

So here, we have put together a quick guide on how you can grind your coffee beans to get the best out of them according to the type of coffee. Better be confusion-free and enjoy the process, right?

Reasons why the size of the grind matters

  • Grind size is directly related to extraction time

The type of grind size of coffee beans you choose will determine how fast the coffee will be prepared. If you opt for a finer grind, the coffee will have a faster extraction time. So your cup of espresso will be ready in just minutes with such a great flavor. 

But if one opts for the coarser grind, it will be essential to let the coffee brew for longer than you would leave the finer grind. This method takes a little longer but will give you a flavorful cuppa coffee. But, do not go putting whole coffee beans in the brewer to get the flavor. You would get late trying to wait for it to be ready. 

  • Grind size determines the taste.

A finer grind will provide you with a stronger coffee. This is so because the extraction process tends to be fast, and it ensures all the flavors just come rushing out in the water and give it all. 

If the grind is coarse, the coffee will be stronger than the finer grind. Also, the flavor will be more nuanced as the flavors aren’t rushing and just taking their time in the brewer. 

The final words

It is obvious that you put a lot of thought and effort into selecting which type and what brand of coffee you prefer to drink. However, the same time and effort are needed when you are grinding the coffee. So don’t be lazy; let that freshly brewed House of Coffee roasted beans wake you out of your laziness with that freshly made cup of java.